Frontiers in Computational Astrophysics: The Origin of Stars, Planets and Galaxies

13th - 18th July 2008 in Ascona, Switzerland

Live Webcam Ascona

AstroSim is a five year European program which provides research support for activities in computational astrophysics. During this period there will be two main AstroSim conferences and Ascona 2008 is the first of these which will focus on the algorithms and techniques we use to simulate astrophysical systems. Our aim is to bring together experts in the fundamental areas of GRID SPH and Hydrid codes, radiative transfer, turbulence, subgrid physics, collisional/collisionless methods, MHD, parellisation and analysis and visualisation. We will focus 8 sessions on these topics, to review their ability at modelling astrophysical processes and to critically compare and discuss techniques in order to plan for future grand challenge projects. These topics will be discussed in the context of the many non-linear physical processes that we attempt to solve, that range from solar system dynamics to stellar systems, star and galaxy formation to the large scale structure of the Universe.