Frontiers in Computational Astrophysics: The Origin of Stars, Planets and Galaxies

13th - 18th July 2008 in Ascona, Switzerland

The conference will take place at the Centro Stefano Franscini (CSF), the international conference center of ETH Zurich located in the South of Switzerland, on a beautiful hill above Ascona called Monte Verita ( Ascona and Locarno are charming neighboring towns residing by the spectacular Lake Maggiore. It’s one of the best loved tourist destinations in Switzerland. Tourist information on Switzerland and canton Ticino can be found at,, and

We will focus the morning and afternoon sessions on several main areas in computational astrophysics.
Each session will begin with an invited reviewer who will place the topic in context and review successes and failures at simulating particular physical process or an astrophysical system. Most importantly, the review speaker will discuss when and how a given techniques might fail and how improvements could be made. Each session will continue with invited talks and presentations selected from the participants as well as plenty of time for discussions. There will also be room for one slide discussion points that participants might like to contribute or to show state of the art results.

  • Grid/SPH/Hybrid methods for simulating astrophysical fluids
  • Physical processes I: heating, cooling, conduction, turbulence and subgrid physics
  • Physical processes II: magnethydrodynamical techniques, high energy, radiative transfer
  • Collisional and collisionless systems
  • Integration, timestepping and other algorithmic aspects
  • Parallelisation, Initial conditions, Visualisation and Data Analysis