A multiphase patch for GADGET-2

This is the download page for the Optimised Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (OSPH) patch for the GADGET-2 code. This patch should allow GADGET-2 to resolve (given enough resolution) multiphase flow and boundary instabilities.

News & Bug Report

25/10/10 | Second bug spotted by Peter Creasey

This is a more serious issue relating to bias in the RT pressure estimator for extreme entropy contrasts. We are currently working on new and improved methods that do not have this problem. But in the meantime, we would not recommend using OSPH for problems that involve extreme shocks with entropy contrast larger than factors of ten or so (this includes, for example, the Sedov blast wave test for which OSPH does not perform very well).

30/11/09 | First bug spotted by Florian Bürzle in density.c. Line 615 should read:

dwk = normkern4 * (-2.0);

This should now be fixed. The error was in the density part of the CT Kernel and should not affect any results run with the HOCT Kernel.

Code paper

Please read the code paper: Read, Hayfield & Agertz 2009 before downloading or using this patch.


  • This patch is very much beta-release and comes with no warranty. Use it at your own risk.
  • Remember also to cite the GADGET-2 code as detailed on the GADGET-2 page.


Replace the GADGET-2 .c and .h files with those in this patch. Add the Makefile_addme to your Makefile and recompile. The compiler flag options are described in the Makefile_addme file and in README.txt

Download and compile as for the normal GADGET-2 release. Read the README.txt file for further details.


These examples test mixing in OSPH. The tests are described in the README.txt file that comes with the OSPH patch download, in the code paper, and on this wiki here.


Contact Justin Read (justin at physik.unizh.ch) for further details.


As for the GADGET-2 code, this patch is released under the GNU General Public Licence. You may freely distribute and copy this patch software. But we ask that you adhere to the requirements set out on the GADGET-2 licence page here.

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