Wengen 1: Cloud collision test



A high speed collision between two gas spheres. The spheres have a temperature profile so that they are in gravitational equilibrium with their NFW density profiles.

Included physics

Hydrodynamical test that can be run with and without self-gravity of the gas. The results with and without gravity are quite different.


To test the shock capturing ability of a code in an astro-physically interesting setting.

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Details of setup

Units and constants

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A quick warning to anyone trying this test with SPH. The supplied ICs are not relaxed and so unreliable. Just look at top left panel above.


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Grid Resolution SPH Resolution
Low-res wengen1.low.h5 128x128x128 wengen1.low.std ~200k part
Med-res wengen1.med.h5 256x256x256 wengen1.med.std ~4e6 part
Hi-res wengen1.hi.h5 512x512x512 wengen1.hi.std -

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Code Person Publication
The Template Test: myfavecode Bob

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