Some other useful astrophysics/software sites [listed alphabetically]:

  • ASD | Astrophysics software database linked to ADS.
  • | Astrophysics tips and tricks from setting up a Mac for astro work, using Python and IDL, and preparing for that important interview.
  • | Links to astrophysics software, analysis/vis tools, and information about numerical astrophysics in general.
  • CADAC | On-line data base of software and simulation data.
  • CFD Online | Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) wiki. Useful resource of free and comercial CFD codes and validation tests.
  • Cosmic Data ArXiv | Repository of cosmological simulation data and code tests.
  • iCosmo Initiative for Cosmology | Excellent cosmology and gravitational lensing resource.
  • | Useful resource for simulations of stellar systems.
  • N-body shop | University of Washington N-body shop.
  • SPHERIC | Engineering wiki specialising in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). Many useful code tests and links.
  • Terapix | Astronomical data reduction centre for large surveys. Lots of dedicated software for data reduction and data mining.
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