A useful store of simulation movies. These can be used for talks, or to aid teaching and public outreach. If you wish to use one of these movies, please credit as written in the notes.

The formation of the Universe

  • Description: This movie starts with the big bang. It then shows the evolution of the Universe through to the formation of the Solar System and the Earth. Finally, it finishes by zooming into the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Zurich University. It has German subtitles explaining the action. It is designed to play continuously on loop.
  • 37MB | Download
  • Credit: Full movie by Justin Read. Includes simulation movies by Oscar Agertz, Lucio Mayer, Doug Potter, Tristen Hayfield, Ben Moore, Joachim Stadel and some clips from a solar system formation animation produced by Tufts University.

Fate of an HI cloud in the Magellanic stream

  • Description: Movie of an initially clumpy HI cloud of ~ few kpc diameter being disrupted by a wind. The environment mimics that of the Magellanic stream in which the subsequent turbulent evolution can be used to understand the observed Graph emission.
  • 11MB | Download
  • Credit: Movie and simulation created by Oscar Agertz using the AMR code RAMSES Teyssier 2002. The data was used as a part of the work by Bland-Hawthorn et al. 2007.
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