New Horizons in Computational Astrophysics

29th January - 3rd February 2012 in Davos, Switzerland

The conference will take place at the SunStar Parkhotel in Davos.

We will focus the morning and evening sessions on several important areas in computational astrophysics. Each session will begin with three invited talks of 30 minutes on the subject covered by the session (see list below). Each session will have time devoted to a general discussion on the topic, moderated by a discussion chair. The general philosophy of the meeting is to highlight difficulties and failures in numerical models and to look towards future developments over the next decade. We will also exchange ideas on how to improve our understanding of galaxy, star and planet formation from a computational perspective.

  1. modeling star formation, feedback and turbulence
  2. modeling radiation field and chemistry
  3. hydro, MHD particle-based solvers
  4. hydro, MHD grid-based solvers
  5. star formation simulations
  6. galaxy formation simulations
  7. planet formation simulation
  8. big simulations, big data